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NIWA + FR Animal Crossing[modifier]

Bonjour! Apologies for the English. I am SuperHamster from Nookipedia, an independent Animal Crossing Wiki and part of the NIWA (Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance). First, I wanted to mention that NIWA has started to form non-English branches of membership (see German and Italian members). If being a founding member of the French branch of NIWA interests you, that is something we can discuss and explore.

Second, I know you were involved with moving the French Dragon Quest Wikia to an independent host, and that you are also involved with the French Animal Crossing Wikia. I am not sure if there are any thoughts or plans to make the French Animal Crossing Wiki independent too, but I wanted to let you know that Nookipedia is here to help if desired. We are happy to cover hosting costs, as well as host the wiki as a French version of Nookipedia, if desired (example: fr.nookipedia.com or nookipedia.fr). Just wanted to let you know that we're here and an option, if you would like to discuss more. Thank you! ~SuperHamster Talk 17 août 2018 à 03:34 (UTC)

Erm, well... That's really kind of you; If anything, I'd be glad to join NIWA. I was thinking of eventually establishing an alliance of French gaming wikis as well (not only Nintendo, because you know, there aren't plenty). Nothing concrete yet, though.
Thanks for the kind word of advice. ACW becoming independent isn't really up to me, but I'll make sure to tell the guys in charge. Eventually, I think that's gonna happen, but not anytime soon...
May we continue this talk on the wiki's Discord? --Avatar Tigali.png Tigali (discussion) 17 août 2018 à 12:08 (UTC)
Yes, sounds good! Thank you :) ~SuperHamster Talk 20 août 2018 à 03:50 (UTC)